• HelloKittyR5

    Operation Auslly

    March 3, 2013 by HelloKittyR5

    Claire:*walks in*Hey guys-


    Bradley:And guy!

    Claire:Ok fine..hey girls*Bradley glares at her*and guy,So guess who is on the cover of Cheetah Beat.

    Tay Tay:Selena Gomez?

    Claire:Pfft no!Coolio 8! *shows magazine*


    Ali:I KNOW RIGHT?!

    Zendaya:No not that i got soda on my shirt


    Zendaya:Sorry but this is my fav shirt-

    Rossay:*grabs shirt*WOULD YOU FORGET ABOUT THE DRESS?Hello Coolio 8 is on Cheetah Beat!

    Vally:Rossay,dial it down

    Rossy:*lets go*Sorry hehe

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